How To Get A High Score In IELTS!

How to get a high score in IELTS!

First and foremost, it is important to know, that everything depends on your level of English you are starting the preparation with. If your vocabulary is really basic and it is extremely hard for you to keep a conversation going or to build sentences on your own, you should definitely improve your knowledge in these areas first. Otherwise, it will always be a setback.

In other words: Make sure you have a good foundation.

The wise words someone once spoke: "Practice makes perfect" are indeed true.

Even a native English speaker won't receive a high score if they lack practice.

The goal of achieving a high score in your IELTS test is only possible if you put in the effort to understand the IELTS scheme and consistent preparation.

As you may already know, there are two types of the IELTS test: academic and general. If you want to study abroad you should go for the academic version. Is your intention to migrate to a foreign country for work purposes, you have to take the general version.

Both versions test the same four modules; listening, reading, writing, speaking. It is also important to know, that you not only need these for the IELTS test but also for further purposes.

Moving on, there are certain tips that will definitely help you to achieve a high IELTS score, if done correctly.

You have to start your preparation early, especially if you are from a foreign country. Some stories about people only preparing for like a week and getting 7+ bands may be true but you should not fall for these kind of "experiences". Real progress will only be visible after some time. Be consistent and keep track of your progress.

English grammar is one key point for a high IELTS score. A lot of people underestimate this. Sure, it is awesome if you can use some big fancy words. However, if these words are used in a grammatically incorrect sentence it won't do you any good. You should rather pay some more attention to the grammar instead of trying to remember as many fancy words as possible.

Never, and I repeat NEVER only practice a part of the modules. You should look at all four of them at least once. Many students think listening and reading are always the same and won't take much effort. DO NOT neglect these modules. It will only backfire, trust me. During the exam you may come across a question type you did not hear of before and you will panic. This will result in you not listening to the audio or wasting time that could be used to write down answers.

If you are the only one at your home who speaks English, you should make sure to find someone to communicate with, orally and in writing. Many students refer to social media these days to find e.g.: a speaking partner. Talking with other English speakers will help you improve. You will feel more at ease when it comes to the real exam.

You need to enrich your vocabulary. This will not happen overnight, hence why you should start your preparation early. However, do not try to learn more than 10 words each day. This will only stress you out and disappoint you. Your brain can not memorize more than that.

To be able to concentrate on longer passages in your reading module you should also read longer texts specialized in different subject areas – management, finance, culture, history, sciences, etc.

Familiarize yourself with day by day English. Listen to the news and watch documentaries on various topics in English (you can also use subtitles).

As soon as you think you have achieved a good foundation of English, you should consider joining an IELTS Course or work with a professional IELTS tutor. That's the only way to get genuine feedback on your English and your possible IELTS score. Feedback is important to find the mistakes and holes in your preparation to guarantee you a high IELTS score.

Last but not least, towards the end of your preparation you should start practicing with full-length tests under realistic conditions. Do this for several weeks before the test.

You can find 20 online mock tests here:

Please don’t forget that the IELTS preparation is not only important to get a high IELTS score but to improve your English language skills. You will need them in the future.

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