How To Prepare Yourself For READING – PTE? Tips And Tricks

How to prepare yourself for READING – PTE? Tips and Tricks

PTE is divided into several sections; Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing.

In this blog post, I’ll be focusing on the reading section.

First of all, let us have a look at a few general reading tips and tricks:

To tackle the reading tasks in this English proficiency test, as well as in any other of these tests. you have to have fluency in reading, know where to put your focus and understanding.

Since you have to use them all at once during the exam it is crucial to learn them step by step.

Fill in the blanks

For this task, the text will sometimes be about 80 words or up to 300 words. Good to know is, that there is no negative marking on this part. So PLEASE fill in all the blanks, even if you are not sure. Who knows, you may have chosen the correct answer.

One strategy that has proven to be fruitful is to focus on the parts before and after the blanks. These parts will give you clues for the missing word.

Also, it has happened many times that the missing word has a synonym on the text provided, so always pay attention to the surrounding areas and not just the missing word.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

It is important to know that MCMA has negative marking and you cannot just go around aimlessly and choose answers. If you are not sure about your answer, then better leave it.

Re-order Paragraphs

The text will consist of up to 150 words and most likely be divided into 5 paragraphs. This part of the reading section can be really easy if you are familiar with the structure a text should have.

For instance, it is very unlikely that the text will start with a pronoun like he, she, their, etc.

You should also look for signal words like however, but, although and moreover, furthermore, besides. This should clearly show you that there is a sentence that belongs before this one. Understanding the meaning of the sentence will definitely help you in finding the right order.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

For MCSA it is important to remember that only ONE answer is correct.

There is no negative marking, so answer the question and do not leave it blank. You need all the points you can get.

The main advice to give here is to just understand the meaning of the passage, look for keywords, and find the correct answer.

You should narrow down your choices as much as possible with the rule of elimination. Check which options are definitely not correct and eliminate them.

It’s always helpful to read the questions before moving on to the text because then you know exactly what information you are looking for.

Often students fail at this task because they are not good at paraphrasing or they don’t even know what that is. It means conveying a message in different words. Synonyms.  The answer will most probably contain synonyms to make it tricky. Make sure to include that in your study plan.

You don’t have to be a genius to master these tasks. Practice makes perfect!

It is necessary to know the procedure of all tasks and what to do on the computer.

Before going for the real test, you should definitely do a few mock tests to familiarize yourself with the scheme. This way you can walk into the exam hall like you own the place, full of confidence.

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