Last Minute Preparation For Your IELTS Test Day

Last Minute Preparation for Your IELTS Test Day

Everyone knows this overwhelming feeling of anxiety as soon as exam test dates get closer and closer. With the days passing and the date approaching even faster it is difficult for most people to decide where they should spend the remaining time on.

This blog post is supposed to lend you a helping hand on the days before the big day as well as during the test. For most people, a lot is at stake, so they want to prepare well. That said, these tests are not free of charge. Why spend more money on several attempts, if you can get it right the first time with just the right preparation.

You may use this for General as well as Academic IELTS test preparation.

One week before:

Make sure to have at least taken two full-time practice tests before your exam date. By doing this you will learn a lot about your time management and if you need to improve your speed.

Try to find someone to evaluate your writing, since writing seems to be the module where the most test-takers struggle getting their desired score.

Review recent and common topics for IELTS Speaking and Writing. This will help you to be calmer and more relaxed during the test if your topic is somewhat familiar.

On the day of your IELTS exam:

1) One of the main things to start off your big day the right way is to ensure that you slept well the night prior and eat well. The listening, reading and writing part takes about 2hrs 40mins. Unfortunately, there is no break in between. This means your concentration has to be at the highest level throughout the test. Only a well-rested body can accomplish this.

2) Don't dress to impress. Unlike in the speaking exam, no one will really care about your appearance, as long as you don't walk around in inappropriate clothes. Wear something comfortable. It shouldn't be itchy or tight. It should give you confidence and keep you warm, in case your test room uses an AC.

3) There is nothing more disturbing than a dry and burning throat. You can carry a drink into the exam room as long as it is transparent.

4) Don't be late. Before starting your journey to the IELTS test center, figure out how long it takes to get there and how to get there. Being 'fashionably late' does not cut it for your IELTS exam. You will not be allowed to enter. Waste of money and waste of time. You should reach the center with enough time to spare to take a few deep breaths and to check-in.

5) Since the listening, reading and writing tests take almost 3 hours, you should go to the toilet before the test starts. Of course, you can also go during the exam, by raising your hand and letting the invigilator know about your situation, but valuable time will be lost.

6) Obviously, you can't carry your phone or any other electronic items into the test room. Test-takers should arrange beforehand where they will put their phones.

7) Carry one extra pencil with you, just in case one stops working. Pen and eraser should also be with you. No extra paper or dictionary is allowed. During the speaking exam, you are only allowed to bring your ID with you.

8) Test centers may require different ID depending on the country etc. Check with your test center which one you need and don't forget it, otherwise, they will not let you in.

9) Some students are so nervous that they panic before the test even starts and forget to listen to the instructions. Don't do that. Listen carefully. You never know if you may need that exact information.

10) Since the test has a time limit, you obviously want to keep track of that. You can do that but not with your own watch. There will be a clock in the exam room. Before the test starts, locate the clock so you don't have to search for it during the exam and you can easily manage your time.

11) If you have a disability that could affect your test (like having a hearing or speaking problem) you have to speak to the test center well before your test date. On the test date itself, they can't do anything anymore to help you.

12) Remember all the techniques you need to use and stay calm and focused.

Please avoid doing these things:

*Don't cheat. I know it may be tempting sometimes if you can't figure out the answer but it is not worth it. You will risk having your whole test invalidated.

*Don't take any of the test paper home, this will also count as cheating and invalidate your test.

*If the time is over and you are instructed to stop and put your pencils down, DO AS YOU ARE BEING TOLD. Don't continue writing, even if it is to just complete your last sentence.

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