Stay At Home And Continue Learning! During COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Stay at home and continue learning! During COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Life right now feels like a movie, a bad one. COVID-19, also called Coronavirus, has the whole world in its hands. People are suffering and dying at a rapid speed. Hospitals face material and manpower shortages. Whole nations are on lockdowns, meaning you are not supposed to leave your house unless it is for food or a medical emergency.  This seems to be the only way right now to somehow contain this virus from spreading even more.

Scientists are working on a vaccine. However, that could take up to 18 months.

Businesses are being forced to remain closed until further notice and so are schools.

In all this chaos it’s difficult not to lose your own goals out of sight. Not everything has to be put on hold.

Yes, borders are closed right now to protect the people, and so are flights and any other transportation means. This won’t last forever though. You should be prepared to start your life abroad, be it for studying or working, with a head start.

ANKO Overseas worked closely with its tutors and counselors together to provide you world-class online coaching despite the current situation. If you never had the time to actually join a course, this might be your chance.

As of now, we offer IELTS and PTE online coaching. On our website you can find different plans. Choose the one that feels right for you. Validity: 1 week, 1 month or 6 months.

All plans include 20 online practice tests (IELTS, PTE) and 1 hour Skype class from Monday to Friday (Schedule may change based on the plan).

Depending on your chosen plan you will also receive email support for further questions you may have or evaluations in more detail.

Offline material will also be provided according to your needs.

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