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Study in USA

"The US Is The Most Sought-After Study Destination In The World"

Why Study in The USA?

World class learning institutions & education quality: US universities dominate all the recognized global ranking tables.Choice: The US education system is vast, over 4,000 schools and varied in terms of selecting, geography, urban/Country campus selection.Cost: Whilst some of the leading private universities in the US command premium fees, many high-quality public universities offer very competitive fees packages. Community college is cheaper and you can transfer. Also most institutions especially the best offer scholarships.World wide recognition leading to excellent career prospects: International students who complete their studies in the USA are highly sought after by companies worldwide.

Visa Requirements

Visa application fee
Four passport-sized photographs
Valid passport
Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (once "Anko" has applied to institutions for you)
IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/PTE/GMAT result ("Anko" counselor can book your place in an English test)
Academic and work experience documents
Statement of purpose
(Bank Statement) Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare).

* For detailed visa application checklist, please speak to "Anko" counselor.

Benifits of Studying in USA


A lot of international students pick USA because of its strong reputation when its comes to higher education. With over 4000 universities across the country, the US higher education system is always held in high esteem, is extremely prestigious and exerts a powerful influence on the rest of the world. Undoubtedly, a degree from a top US university is like having global citizenship.Gaining a US degree is an extremely impressive accomplishment as it is not only accredited with different organizations and professional bodies but is also recognized among all quarters of the industry.Contact us to know more about your dream destination and boost your career with a star-studded US degree and get a top notch career edge.


The US education system is designed to be very student friendly and offers numerous study choices according to the needs and interests of an individual.Students at an undergraduate level are encouraged to explore variety of subjects according to their preferences before they declare their choice of major at the end of their second year. The US education does not just offer traditional courses but a wide spectrum of unconventional courses are also offered that help students broaden their perspectives and make the overall learning experience interesting and exciting.US universities not just allow students to choose between various minor, majors, double majors but also give them an option to select when to attend classes, how many classes to enroll for in each semester and so on.All in all, the US education system is very conforming to each student’s needs and preferences.


The US universities have always been very generous in giving scholarships to exceptionally bright students. With a wide range of institutions to choose from in the US, there truly is a university for every student of any background that fits their budget.Granting of scholarships for Indian students to study in USA is based on academic merit and distinction in other non scholastic works. There are majorly two types of scholarships options available to choose from-Merit based scholarship: Facilitated to meritorious students who have demonstrated their academic or non academic excellence throughout. In addition to this, exceptionally high scores in standardized tests such as SAT or ACT can also be taken into consideration.Need based scholarships which are based on the financial capacity of deserving candidates. It is offered to those students, whose family resources (as calculated by a standardized formula) are not sufficient to cover the educational costs.While there is a limited need-based aid for the international students, there are many merit-based scholarships for the world’s brightest.


Research in the US universities has been widely recognized as one of the core benefits of studying in US and the universities have earned a respectable stature in the world due to their remarkable research contributions made over the years. The US universities take pride on being at the forefront of technology and educational techniques, and in making available to their students the best possible equipment and resources. Regardless of what degree a student chooses to pursue, he/she gets immense exposure to the newest and modern technology, which serves as an impressive building block in the overall learning experience.


Most professors in the US universities have a strong background of research and years of experience in the industry and academia. The professors enjoy introducing new approaches to teaching and research methodologies and are always encouraging of their students to bring out their best. Through challenging sessions, students gain immense confidence and develop an ability to organize and present arguments without fear. The interactions are both formal and informal, over lunches or coffee, that allow students to form a great bond with their professors and more often than not, these respectable academicians become great mentors to their students.

Major Education Programs

Building Services
Business Studies
Economics and Administration
Engineering & Technology
Food and Beverage Studies
Humanities and Social
Marketing and Communication
Natural Sciences
Tourism and Hospitality

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